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PTY: New Bidding Rules for the short-term purchase of Power and Energy

July, 2019

By means of the Resolution AN N°15540 of July 17, 2019, The National Authority of Public Services-ASEP compelled The National Electricity Transmission Company, ETESA, to recalculate the requirements for a neutral contracting level of 95% in the first two years and 90% in the third year at a 0% reserve for power systems reliability, considering the incoming generation plants of PANAMA NG POWER and SINOLAM SMARTER ENERGY on November 2021 and January 2022, respectively. 

Subsequently, above said amendments to the RFP for the Short-Term Purchase of Power and Energy 2020-2022, as approved last June 2019 must be giving in to ASEP for further authorization. Public Bid is open to individuals or companies, local or foreigners.


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