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Grupo Unicomer expands with the acquisitions in the Caribbean

April, 2016

Grupo Unicomer has concluded the acquisition of assets of electronics store Omni; operating in the islands of Curacao, St. Maarten and Bonaire through 6 stores. The closing took place on April 11, 2016.

This acquisition represents an important step in Unicomer’s expansion strategy within the Dutch speaking Caribbean; where they began with operations in Aruba in 2014.

Omni was established in Curacao in 1982, expanding presence in St. Maarten in 1989 and Bonaire in 1998. Today, it is an important player in these islands specializing in the commercialization of A/C units, electronics, home appliances, office automation and solar products.

Zygmunt Brett, partner at Arias El Salvador, coordinated the transaction of Grupo Unicomer, demonstrating once again the experience and knowledge to carry out cross-border transactions, beyond jurisdictions where the firm currently has offices.

Zygmunt relied on the support of BBV Legal in Curacao, to assist with local law related matters of the deal. 

The acquisition of Omni allows Unicomer to expand its regional presence from 21 to 24 countries and adds 110 jobs to the 15,000 currently generated by the company.


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