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PN: Bidding for the purchase of energy and power

May, 2019

By means of the Resolution N° 4257 of April 8th, 2019, the National Secretary of Energy made strong recommendations to the National Electricity Transmission Company (ETESA), regarding the preparation and submission of the Bidding Papers for a short-term purchase of energy and power. This decision co...

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Panama rules personal data protection

April, 2019

The protection of personal data is considered a fundamental right of the human being and his dignity. This right protected by article 29 of the Politic Constitution of the Republic of Panama. Also, the American Convention on Human Rights-ratified by Panama-establishes in Article 11 the protection of...

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PN: Term for real estate property tax moratorium is extended

March, 2019

By means of Law 79 of March 20th, 2019 (Law 79), the National Assembly approved an extension of six months to the term for applying the Real Estate Property Tax moratorium that was originally established by article 15 of Law 66 of 2017, extending it until June 30th, 2019. Said term had been original...

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PN: Panama intents to raise tax on sugary drinks

February, 2019

Last Wednesday, Panamanian Congress approved Bill #570 that would create a tax applicable to local and foreign manufactured sugar beverages at a rate of 8%; and 10% for syrups and concentrates used in the production thereof.Likewise, it is established that the earnings from this new tax would be use...

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