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Nicaragua: Annual Income Tax 2019 Ordinary Period Filing and Payment

February, 2020

Prior to the enforcement of Law No. 987, Law of amendments and additions to Law N° 822 Nicaraguan Tax Law (hereinafter “Amendments to the Tax Law”) the taxpayers (individuals or legal entities) that were incorporated under the ordinary fiscal regime were required to submit the annual tax declaration...

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Arias Nicaragua advises Banco Lafise Bancentro on a DPR transaction

August, 2019

Arias acted as Nicaraguan counsel to Banco Lafise Bancentro in the sale, assignment, transfer, and conveyance of all the bank´s Diversified Payment Rights and all collections thereunder to a Cayman Islands entity, as well as an issuance of bonds with the participation of the Bank of New York Mellon,...

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NC: Grace period for the payment of capital gain tax for the transfer of assets subject to registry

May, 2019

Pursuant to Law 987 Law of Amendments and Additions to Law 822, "Nicaraguan Tax Law" (hereinafter "Law 987"), the tax rate for the transfer of assets subject to registry assets was increased. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the sixth Article of the Ordinal II "Transitional Provisions" of this La...

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NC: No increase to minimum wages

March, 2019

Minimum wages are reviewed every six months, in accordance with applicable legislation. Nevertheless, according to Resolution CNSM-07/03/19of the National Minimum Wage Commission, dated March 7th, the Commission will remain in permanent session and will meet monthly, during a six (6) months period,...

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